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I am represented by the following: 

Quirk Gallery


1st Dibs | Galerie Philia

Palette Home



For years I’ve used woodturning to craft my objects. I love the removal of wood to reveal a form underneath. Woodturning taught me to use my sense of touch to create a curve. 

Then one day I picked up a crochet hook and repeated a stitch. The rhythm felt right and I went on for days. I was left with a product I hadn't planned to create.

Next, a teacher handed me a lump of clay and showed me how to pinch and coil. I went on and on for days. For months. I may never stop.

The feeling of clay between my fingers soothes me. My pieces are made with a hand building technique called coil building. I work with a gritty sculpture clay that feels a bit like plunging my hands into wet beach sand.

A commission for a large scale installation along with pieces for the home have brought crochet back into my scope of work. I now work with up cycled textile remnants for yarn.

To see items currently in stock please check with my galleries. You may also contact them or send me an email to discuss a custom order.

Thank so much!


  • Do you take custom orders?
    Yes. Please send me an email to start a discussion.
  • Where are you located?
    I am based in Richmond, Virginia. If you’re local I’m happy to arrange a pickup with you.
  • How are items packaged and shipped?
    I use a professional art packing service to ensure your piece arrives safely. This is why I ask for your shipping zip code in your request to purchase.
  • How will I hang my crochet piece?
    When you purchase a crochet rope you will receive the necessary hardware and a paper template. All you need to do is tape the template to the wall and screw in the screws with a regular screwdriver. Then rip the template away and you're done!
  • Can my vase hold water?
    Yes, your vase is water tight. However, these stoneware vases do weep just as a plant pot might. I would advise not leaving water in overnight because condensation may form on the bottom. Alternatively, you could add a dish under the vase to protect your surface.
  • How are your pieces made?
    Each work is made entirely by hand using a clay construction method called coil building. No two are exactly alike.
  • Do you work with stockists and wholesalers?
    Yes, I do. Please send me an email.
  • How do you name your pieces?
    One of my daughters thought they should have people names, and I agree.
  • I'd like to request a specific color. Where can I find my choices?
    Here you can download my glaze (for vases and tables) and paint (for sculptures) color options. If you'd like a custom paint color I can do that too.
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